Terms & Conditions

  1. Roller skating, like all sports, has risks that should be considered before attempting roller skating. Even fully trained skaters have the risk of injury due to the nature of skating on roller skates. Accidents can occur through one’s own lack of skill and experience, or by colliding with another skater. Our staff is trained in rink traffic control, basic first aid, and proper skate surface maintenance. For this reason, skaters shall be aware of the risk as skaters and that accidents can happen. If you are a beginner, we highly recommend you consider taking lessons with our qualified roller skating instructors (offered Tuesdays and Saturdays) prior to attempting roller skating. Skateworld San Diego, the management and any staff of Skateworld San Diego shall not be held liable for any accident or injury to any customer or third party.
  1. All skaters shall properly behave and observe all rules. Skaters shall fulfill their obligation to take care of themselves and their children. Skateworld San Diego works hard to lower accident rates. Our staff can and will stop skaters who are skating too fast, weaving in and out of skater traffic, stopping inside the main track, skating across the center of the skating surface, skating in reverse direction(clockwise), carrying inappropriate objects, lifting children up while on skates, etc. Failure to abide by the skate guard’s instructions shall be subject to eviction of the rink. Skateworld San Diego, the management and any staff of Skateworld San Diego shall be held liable for any accident or injury caused by offenders to him/herself or third party.
  1. Parents/Guardian should be aware of the existence of risks to their children who go roller skating. Injuries to the head, hands and bones can happen through improperly laced skates, lack of skating skill and experience, collision with another skater, etc. We highly recommend parents to consider providing their children with safety gear either from a sports store or available for purchase at our Skate Shop. We also recommend taking your children to roller skating lessons with our qualified skating instructors prior to attempting this sport. Neither the owner, the management and any staff of Skateworld San Diego shall be held liable for any accident or injury.
  1. Skaters are forbidden from bringing food and drinks on the skating surface. We encourage you to put all your personal belongings and valuable items into the lockers offered for rent on the rink premises. Neither the owner, the management and any staff of Skateworld San Diego shall be responsible for the loss, theft or damage to any property or valuable belongings of any skater or visitor. No personal belongings or valuables shall be entrusted to any Skateworld San Diego employee.
  1. In accordance with this disclaimer, neither the owner, the management nor any staff of Skateworld San Diego shall be held liable or responsible for an accident whether caused by the skater him/herself or any collision with other skaters. The skating surface is extremely slippery and the skates can cause serious injury. Take these risks into account before you attempt this sport.
  1. Skateworld offers pre-sale tickets for Skate School, Public Skate sessions, and other items online. We do not offer refunds for any tickets purchased in advance online or at the door. For payment issues or questions please email info@skateworldsandiego.com or call (858)560-9349
  1. Times and prices are subject to change without notice. Be sure to review our skating calendar on our Schedule page to verify that our calendar fits with yours.
  1. No outside food or drinks are allowed, except for personal water bottles. No in and outs allowed.
  2. Birthdays and Events have different terms and conditions. Please click to read more Birthday Party and Private Event Terms and Conditions
  3. Monthly Skate Passes are processed on the 1st of each month and only valid during the month in which they are charged (i.e. If you are charged on the 1st of October your pass is valid October 1-31st. Passes are able to be reserved 10 days in advance, but will still be charged on the 1st of the month. To cancel your subscription please visit your account at least 5 business days prior to the 1st of the month. We do not allow sign ups in the middle of the month. Please see a Skateworld staff member on your first visit after your pass payment is processed to receive your physical Monthly Skate Pass.