Birthday Faq’s

Birthday FAQ's

Most frequent questions and answers

Public Skate Parties are held during our Public Skate Sessions and are geared for smaller birthday parties. They start at $225 for a 10–person party.

Semi Privates are held during public skate sessions and an entire party room is reserved for just your group. Our party rooms can fit 50-100 people and offer an affordable option with great time frames.

Our Private Events are held during non–public skating hours and are geared for parties or events that would like the entire rink to themselves. They start at $400 for up to 100 people.

Unfortunately, if we are completely booked we recommend choosing a different party package or different day, or just planning the party portion at home and bringing a group skating. With this option, you would not be able to bring in any party items, gifts, cake, etc. If you are trying to figure out a time that may work for your group you can also email with your concern and we will try to help or point you in the right direction!

Public Skate Parties MUST be booked at least a week in advance (although we recommend two OR MORE!). Private Events require at least one week advanced booking, though they generally book up to three months in advance. Please check our Private Booking page and Public Booking page for all available dates and times.

For public skate parties a birthday cake is allowed if you have booked a birthday party with us and have chosen to bring your own. If you have ordered a cake with us, you will not be allowed to bring in an outside cake. No ice cream or additional outside food or drinks are allowed.

For semi private and private events certain concessions are allowed and must be discussed and approved by a skateworld staff member in writing. Please contact us directly for details.

Please arrive at your scheduled time. Due to events and activities previously scheduled we cannot guarantee a set up time prior to your event.

We don’t allow outside vendors (i.e. face painting, photo booths, etc) for Public Skate Parties. For Semi Private and Private Events please speak with a Skateworld Staff member to get approval in writing!

You may decorate your designated party tables as you see fit, although for Public Skate Parties we do the decorating for you! We do not allow banners, signs, or anything that does not fit at your tables. If you are hosting a Private Event with us, please contact us to discuss any extras you would like us to accommodate.

With the Public Skate Parties you may upgrade the day of the event, but we cannot guarantee a dedicated (instead of shared) party hostess if upgraded same day. Otherwise there are no downgrades so please plan accordingly!

We only offer refunds within the first 48 hours of booking your event. After that we do not offer refunds of any kind. You are welcome to reschedule your birthday up to a week in advance. If it is a week or less before your event or party we do not offer changes or cancellations of any kind.

You are more than welcome to celebrate at home and bring your group in to just skate. Just make sure to leave all food and drinks (including a cake at home) as none are allowed through the door unless included with a pre-booked party package.

We are serious about this one! We will make you return your cake and/or other food items to your car!

Most trays and platters (like veggies and salads) need to be ordered at least a week in advance. Pizza, Hot Dogs, and Pitchers of soda may be ordered when you check in for your event.