San Diego Skateworld is the proud home to some of the best roller skating in Southern California! We specialize in Birthday Parties, Public Sessions, Roller Derby,  Pro Shop Sales, Skating Lessons, Private Events, and More!

Feel free to take a look around and if you have ANY questions, give us a call at (858)560-9349 during our OFFICE HOURS Monday-Friday 10am-5pm or during any public skating session. Check us out on Facebook!


Skateworld is located at 6907 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, CA 92111 on the corner of Linda Vista and Comstock. Located near us is Pizza Hut, Rite-Aid, Yum Yum Donuts, and more. Parking is available all the way around the building including the shopping center next door, behind the building near the Library, and in the woodchips next to the self car wash.

Coming from Downtown: Take 163N, Exit Genesse West, turn right on Genesse, turn left on Linda Vista. About 1 mile down on the left.

Coming from North County: Take 163S, Exit Genesse, turn right on Genesse, turn left on Linda Vista. About 1 mile down on the left.


Skateworld celebrated its 37th anniversary in October and continues to offer the highest quality customer service for all your family entertainment needs. Our biggest goal, even today is to help promote an active lifestyle while embracing the need for family or social activities.

We are the only remaining building that was part of the very first American shopping center that Eleanor Roosevelt dedicated when it opened in 1941. Originally built as a community meeting and recreation place for military families, it provided entertainment, workshops, orchestras, and communities meetings (thats why we have a fireplace!). The Dome building was for camouflage purposes and protection from a submarine attack. It was built to resemble a hill and had a large green canvas that had the ability to  cover the building to make it blend in with the landscape. It was also built to withstand a direct hit from a submarine, the beams that stretch the entire inside of the dome go more than 9 feet into the ground.

Years later, it became a gymnasium for Kearny High School and finally became a grocery store up until Gary Stang reopened it as Skateworld on October 6, 1975. In 1982 Gary built and helped establish all the retail stores around the entire building that you see today, like Pizza Hut and Check Cashers.

The reason the building stands here today is because of Skateworld’s dedication to community growth and remembrance from the World War II era. It has been registered as a historical site and  keeps same confirmation it held in WWII by maintaining the original dome structure and any add-ons are distinctly different than the dome.


We are not hiring at this time.